Critical Issues

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2024 Critical Issues

Each year, Council members vote on the most important issues facing the customer service industry, in their region of the globe. The annual Critical Issues become the key areas of focus for member discussion and Council events throughout the year.

The Evolution of Digitalization

Leveraging Evolving Technologies

Areas of Focus:

  • Integrating multiple platforms and channels to deliver a seamless CX
  • Optimizing automation, AI, and ChatGPT: Best bang for the buck
  • Employing strategies to simplify the agent desktop and minimize customer friction
Enabling First-Class Self-Serve

The Evolution of Customer Expectations​

Areas of Focus:

  • Evolving KPIs and measurements with EX and CX transformation
  • Predicting and meeting modern customer needs
  • Raising the bar on personalization
  • Arriving at a single source of truth from the data
Navigating the Workforce of the Future

Keeping Pace with Heightened Demands in the Customer Journey​

Areas of Focus:

  • Increasing customer’s self-serve needs, functionality, and customer adoption
  • Determining and investing in your customer’s CX priorities
  • Ensuring a seamless multichannel customer journey
Metrics are More than KPIs

Competing on Employee Experience

Areas of Focus:

  • Attracting and retaining top talent
  • Engaging employees in a remote/hybrid/virtual workplace to provide the best service
  • Optimizing emerging tools and service automation to enable and motivate great service
  • Nurturing career path and leadership by delivering impactful training
Uncovering the Data Analytics that Matter

Leadership in an Evolving Contact Center Ecosystem​

Areas of Focus:

  • Steering change adoption by contact center teams
  • Planning for leadership succession
  • Cultivating executive champions to ensure the contact center is indispensable to the entire organization
Leadership in an Evolving Contact Center Ecosystem

Mapping Root Cause for Proactive Solutions

Areas of Focus:

  • Developing strategies to prevent or minimize future occurrences
  • Delivering faster resolutions
  • Leveraging communication channels and processes for critical incident management

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