Critical Issues

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2021 Critical Issues

Each year, Council members in North America and Europe vote on the most important issues facing the customer service industry, in their region of the globe. The annual Critical Issues become the key areas of focus for member discussion and Council events throughout the year.

Leadership First Class Service

Enabling First-Class Self-Serve

Areas of Focus:

  • Facilitating customer adoption of self-service capabilities and driving self-service utilization
  • Integrating new digital tools into your self-serve strategy to drive CSAT
  • Creating effortless feedback loops from customers to increase participation in surveys and glean insights on the self-serve experience
Data Driven Insights

Leveraging Data-Driven Insights

Areas of Focus:

  • Improving qualitative data components to ensure you have the right content for your CX strategy
  • Developing dashboards to uncover customer insights, determine priorities and convey the value proposition to key stakeholders
  • Using data to reassess targets, services and uncover new business opportunities in response to changing customer behavior in the COVID-19 environment
  • Aggregating and accessing data from disparate sources
Customer Experience Journey

Optimizing the CX Journey

Areas of Focus:

  • Enhancing the digital journey based on customer behavior
  • Finding efficiencies within the customer journey
  • Differentiating the customer experience from the contact center in the eyes of the organizational ecosystem
Workforce Trends

Navigating Workforce Trends and Disruptions

Areas of Focus:

  • Coaching and training for both technical and emotional intelligence
  • Sustaining a team culture in a virtual environment
  • Embracing and expanding on WFH & hybrid models for efficiency gains and ease of use
  • Managing agent performance in a virtual environment
Customer Leadership Digital transformation

Achieving Digital Transformation

Areas of Focus:

  • Disruptive digital technology and it’s transformational impact across traditional and new channels
  • Balancing inflexible legacy infrastructure with the need for digital transformation
  • Staffing and training for the shift to digital channels
  • Building the business case, including cost/benefit analysis, for investment in digital transformation
Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness in the Contact Center

Driving Operational Efficiency and Effectiveness

Areas of Focus:

  • Standardizing and empowering thinking about process improvement opportunities by all employees across the enterprise
  • Leveraging automation opportunities in the contact center to empower agents to focus on the customer

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