may, 2024

08may1:00 pm2:00 pmExecutive Coaching Clinic on Emotional Acumen: The 4 Emotions Leaders Must Recognize & Respond ToA Council Virtual EventRemote

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In this insightful session, we delve into the pivotal role of emotional intelligence in leadership, emphasizing the necessity for leaders to adeptly recognize and respond to four core emotions: anger, apathy, anxiety, and shame. These emotions, if left unaddressed, can significantly impede team cohesion, performance, and morale. This session is designed to equip leaders with the critical skills needed to understand and influence their team’s emotional landscape positively, leading to leadership effectiveness, stronger team bonds, and a more resilient organizational culture.


  • Strategies for Constructive Engagement with Anger: Learn how to identify the underlying causes of anger within your team and employ strategies to address these issues constructively, turning potential conflicts into opportunities for growth and understanding.
  • Revitalizing Team Engagement: Discover effective methods to detect and counteract apathy, reigniting your team’s passion and commitment to their roles and the organization’s goals.
  • Fostering a Supportive Environment: Gain insights into recognizing signs of anxiety and shame within your team and learn how to create a psychologically safe workplace that encourages openness, vulnerability, and mutual support.

Your Executive Coach:
Michael O. “Coop” Cooper, Founder of High Performance Orgs, will be your Virtual Executive Coach. Coop is an internationally recognized executive coach, advisor, facilitator and trainer who specializes in working with executive teams to develop the leadership skills, alignment and strategies to grow and thrive in a constantly changing environment. Coop has 23 years of experience as a coach, management consultant, strategist and project leader with Fortune 1000 companies and small businesses in over 20 countries. He has worked with leaders at Accuray, eBay, Genentech, Google, Novell, Sony Computer Entertainment America, Southwest Airlines, TeleNav, Wells Fargo, Yahoo, Yammer and hundreds of other organizations large and small. He co-led the teams to develop the world’s first wireless web platform for Vodafone and Verizon deployed in 27 countries and developed the specifications for the first custom internet car-ordering system for Honda. He has also been selected to coach the prestigious TED Fellows. Coop is a contributor to Fast Company. Learn more about Coop and his Executive Coaching on LinkedIn.



(Wednesday) 1:00 pm - 2:00 pm ET



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